The Real Value Of a $ 100 Bill

Jessica Quinonez-Rafaeli
2 min readJun 5, 2021


A well-known speaker begins his talk showing a $ 100 bill and asks the audience:

- ‘Who would like to have this bill?’

People in the audience are quick to raise their hands.

- ‘Well, I’m going to give this $ 100 bill to one of you, but first I’ll do something else with it’.

He then he folds the bill tightly and leaves it crumpled and asks them:

- ‘Do you still want the bill?’

And people raise their hands again.

- ‘Ok, now I will do something more radical with this bill’

The man throws the crumpled bill on the ground, jumps on it and covers it with dust.

He asks again:

- ‘Who wants this bill?’

The hands of the attendees are still up!

- ‘Dear friends, today you just learned a lesson… No matter what I do with this bill, you still love it because in the end its value has not changed, it is still a $ 100 bill right?’

- ‘Now think of yourself, many times you feel wrinkled and trampled by other people or things that happen to you and you may think you are not worth it, however remember this: your value will never change in the eyes of people who love you!’



Jessica Quinonez-Rafaeli

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