Accepting My Reality

Jessica Quinonez-Rafaeli
2 min readJul 2, 2021


Life in the vast majority of cases is not what we expect, it surprises us in strange ways and sometimes there is nothing to do. Life, no matter how hard we try, is impossible to plan, we cannot control it and sometimes all we have to do is accept what is happening.

The Covid-19 pandemic that we have been experiencing for more than a year is a clear example, who would have thought that suddenly our daily activities would move to virtual space? To be honest, I thought this process would take years and here we are today in virtual reality.

It has been a difficult time, however, I think it has also been a time to develop our creativity, a time of change and reflection. Personally, I can say the pandemic brought a tornado into my life, but it also took me away from a place I did not belong to, and for that I am grateful.

This time I have been able to see, understand and learn about myself. I have been able to realize that despite the shocks, using my creativity and my personal resources has helped me adapt to sudden changes in life.

Two key points that have helped me in this period have been: acceptance and adaptation to what we are experiencing, and to what may come in the future. Of course it is easier to just sit back and wait for everything to come “from above”, however, I think that is a misconception of acceptance. Accepting does not mean that I have to sit still contemplating what happens. Accepting is realizing my reality and doing what I can with it.

That is why the point of creativity is so relevant, changing profession and direction, as it has been in my case, other friends have started their own businesses, others have decided to make art, and thus creativity has led us to explore more about ourselves.

This creativity can also be brought to the family level, for example: we couldn’t go to restaurants, so we had a barbecue in the garden. We couldn’t go to the movies, so we would watch movies at home and eat popcorn, we couldn’t get together with my friends or family and we would talk on video calls. And that creativity is what keeps us alive even in the most adverse situations.

Tell me, how did you explore your creativity during the pandemic?



Jessica Quinonez-Rafaeli

My professional experience was focused for 10 years in the Psychology field. Now, I’m focused on the writing skills as an English and Spanish content writer.